Seven Four Twenty Fifteen (Part Deux)

Fourth of July, twenty-fifteen

I love everything about that day. There were few hiccups but one thing I learned at a young age (when I joined contests) life must go on.

I will try my best to be discreet while I convey messages on each photo. Mind you, this might be the first and last time I will ever do such thing. 🙂

My cousin, Dino (I forced him to be there btw)

Nanay (my Mother) with The Hubsy

Sherry (my Assistant/long-time friend) was apparently stressed out because the priest was misinformed of the time.

Perpie (my Bestie) who is so pretty but always give that weird face. All through-out the event. Don’t ask me why!

Lub (my Dubai roommate and lil Sis) was so classy during the wedding.

Haze (one of my fave cousins) was so dapper.

Mayet (my Mars, I am a Godmother to her baby Sofia)

My Goddaughter Yanna (she’s so pretty!)

Jayvee (long-time best friend)

Princess + Allan (Bestfriend from Baguio City)

Auntie Del

Auntie Arlene (Nanay’s youngest sister)

As I was prepping (wearing the Schutz) I realized I wont be able to last the entire event using that shoes. I made an executive decision of switching using a Philippine-made shoes, Primadonna.

Mama (Nanay’s eldest Sister) and Papa sent me to College where I graduated (with Honors)  Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Papa is a constant reminder that you do not need to be blood related to be considered a FAMILY. I love him so much.

Apparently, due to extreme heat, The Hubsy (who keeps on drinking water) almost fainted but he realized I might go “cray” for ruining the event by doing so. Ha Ha Ha!

This Priest was our savior. As the original priest left because he was misinformed of the time, this Priest was kind enough to agree and officiate. Thank you!

Jasmine, my Goddaughter… (I have a handful. I started when I was like 14 and the number grew.)

Lub + Perpie

My College friend, Mawin.

My baby Sister, Sasha (looks like RBF runs in the family)

Kolox + Ardel

My Uncle (sleeping?) and my Mother

You may now, kiss the groom…

Thank you to everyone who graced this affair. The Team who made sure everything goes well. I will forever be grateful!

Next week, I will share never before seen photos at the Reception.

Keep Smiling y’all! Life is good! Xx

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