(Boujee Broke) Eyelet Top by Oscar de la Renta

“Our greatest fear is NOT that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that, we are Powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us.”

My family often tease how much of a thrifter I am. I love fashion but since I can’t afford high-end clothes I scour for (almost) same design without breaking the bank.

I work in a boutique hotel in Rhode Island and though I have full-time (seniority) shift, most of the money I save is going to a property in the Philippines. So splurging should not even be on my vocabulary nowadays. Gone are those days of buying Choo’s just because there are more important things to focus.

I love this peplum top from Oscar de la Renta and I am just a big fan of eyelets. It’s so vintage and chic but the price breaks the bank.

V-Neck Eyelet Cotton Top by Oscar de la Renta, $1,090

There are a lot of Philippine made brands that I love. One of them, Plains & Prints. The brand carry clothing style which is simple yet elegant.

I asked Sherry (my Assistant in the Philippines) to buy me dresses and tops. This eyelet top is one of them:

Plains & Prints Eyelet top (approx) $18

This Vintage layered necklace by Coach (bought at Brimfield Flea Market- Fashion Tent)

I used to follow Carrie Bradshaw’s rules to saving: “I want my money right where I can see them, hanging in my closet.”

But as you grow old (er) you realize that you have to solidify your life. I am perfectly aware that life is  short, we should also not feel stagnant or compromise “living” just to save for rainy days. In the end, we should live a life exactly how we choose to. No one should tell us otherwise.

Remember that our “riches” starts with our ability to choose. Freedom should be valued at all cost. #sealourfatewiththechoiceswemake

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good! Xx

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