Hills of Pecuaria (Naga City, Philippines)

Absolutely stunning photos on Pinoy Photography 

There is a place (in Bicol) called Hills of Pecuaria (Pecuaria in Portuguese means cattle raising/livestock) and I vividly remember that as a kid (whenever we drove passed those hills) I day-dream of going on top of it and sing Sound of Music. Yeah, I have a weird imagination.

When I was asked by Yon Layosa (our photographer) where I would like to have our photo shoot, I decided to follow the boho/hippie/wildchild in me and picked Hills of Pecuaria. Minus the singing of course.

hair and make-up by Sam Tanay
photos by Yon Layosa
gown by David’s Bridal (wore this during my Farm Wedding)
flower crown by Erwin
organized by Alden Gallarte

If by any chance you decide to have a photo-sesh, go to the Hills of Pecuaria for the breathtaking view. Make sure you check the weather first as we went there after a rain and it’s a bit muddy. Whatever, I’m a trooper and it’s all for instagram worthy photos. (seriously, I need an emoji here!)

I miss the Philippines especially during winter season. But everyday I just convince myself that while there is a need to sacrifice, one day it will be fruitful and rewarding. Life is all about compromise and acceptance. And whatever the question is, LOVE is always the answer.

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good! Xx

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