(Boujee Broke) Mercer Canvas by Marc Jacobs

I’m quite creative, aside from my “wild” imagination, I can do things that most people who knew me would never think I can do.


As all artists, (yes, I am claiming to be one!) I get inspiration from all sorts of things. I love fashion but I often see things I adore quite expensive. I used to die-for FASHION brands ages ago (on my previous life) but The Hubsy (aka Mr. Pennypincher) rubs on me. I am now practical when it comes to FASHION. I can still express myself through the clothes I wear (I am a mood-dresser!) but I limit myself to buying clothes I just really need.

Let me tell you a story:

One day, I was working with Julia and she chanced upon this cute Marc Jacobs Mercer online:

We decided we can do it ourselves! We agreed to buy VANS as it was the nearest design to the original Marc Jacobs Mercer.

I went to Michaels and bought patches and studs worth $38 (+ tax) and started my mini-project. Because the iron-on is not to be trusted fully, I hand sewn the edge of the patches. It was so painful because I only have small needles to use.

But here’s the finished product:
What do you think?

Vans ($50 + tax and shipping)
Michaels patches and studs ($38 + tax)
Total of $88 (+ tax)

as opposed to $350 (+ tax and shipping)

Click here to buy the original MARC JACOBS MERCER


Make your own design for only $88 (+ tax)

Boujee Broke will be an additional category on my blog. Once a month I will show you how you can still look fab and boujee without breaking the bank.

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good! Xx

NB: All photos of Marc Jacobs Mercer are owned by Net-a-porter.com.

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