Fort Williams (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

Hello, Hello…

I know it’s been sometime and things are crazier now. More so than what I expected but I am loving every minute of the laziness that engulfs me. Asthma attacks are frequents due to the changing of season and my place of work is busier (peak season at the hotel) than the winter. Not that I am complaining because I honestly LOVE my job and I think not a lot of people can say the same.

I still manage to get to spend time with The Hubsy  and Nino (my Brother) + Coleen (Sis in-law) in Portland, Maine. We were supposed to go to Canada but due to an inevitable circumstance it was rescheduled indefinitely.

Visit Cape Elizabeth, Maine (here)

We drove from The Lil Rhody to Portland, Maine for almost 3 hours. Well, they drove I basically just slept. (I have borderline narcolepsy)

We checked-in at Hampton Inn Downtown and the Desk Agent told us about Fort Williams Park. This is (according to him) the Instagram Must-have photo in Maine.

So off we go…

(Our Couple’s Getaway with Nino + Coleen)

The Hubsy was whining about me forgetting sunscreen.

Nevertheless, it looks like he also enjoyed it.

I’m a little bit NUTS!

Love Riche fuchsia Pink Top   |  Sunnies Studio Sunglasses |  Deux Luxe bag | POLO Ralph Lauren  white sneakers  | Seven Jeans denim 

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good! Xx

PS: In between work and asthma attacks, I am doing my Spring Cleaning and will be selling my stuff. #shopleyasun on this blog will be ACTIVE and running by 1st of June.

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