The Elms (part trois)

Can I be more excited for SUMMER?

Every day I dream of summer and how amazing the sun feels on my skin. Summer is my kind of season. My most comfortable self can do whatever it pleases. You see, I cannot operate fully during winter. My back aches a lot, random asthma attacks, and my fashion style is horrendous (oh yeah! the worst!) and let’s not even start with age. Hahaha!

Anyway, I have a lot in store this year. We will travel and experience new places. We will Staycation all summer. We will try new restaurants (food and desserts, especially desserts!). We will try on comfy clothes, sand on our toes and sun kisses.

And by WE, I mean you and I. I will physically be there but I will share the experience with you. We are in this together.

You and I.


The Elms was the summer residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Julius Berwind of Philadelphia and New York. Mr. Berwind made his fortune in the coal industry. In 1898, the Berwinds engaged Philadelphia architect Horace Trumbauer to design a house modeled after the mid-18th century French chateau d’Asnieres (c.1750) outside Paris. (Source:

In addition to a self-guided audio tour, The Elms offers a Servant Life Tour, which brings guests to the basement to view the coal-fired furnaces and the tunnel from which the coal is brought into the basement from a nearby street. The tour shows the lengths to which Mr. Berwind went to keep the servants out of view from guests on all floors of the mansion. Visitors on the Servant Life Tour view the laundry room, steamer trunk storage area, the giant circuit breaker box, ice-makers, galley, and wine cellar below the main floor, and climb the service staircase to the servants’ quarters on the third floor. The tour then proceeds out on the level tiled roof and a small aluminum platform, with a view of the rear lawn, shade trees and gardens, and the vista of Newport harbor in the distance. (source:

After experiencing the magical opulence of the Mansions, this year I would like to bring you to another tour called The Servant Life.

For years, I was avoiding to do this but I guess it’s time to actually experience the inevitable. I can no longer dismiss the fact that however opulent and magnificent the Mansions are, there are people who actually did the leg work and made their lives grand.

You see, I work in the Hospitality Industry for the longest time. And I had my fair share of abusive guests who thinks that I was their help. Yeah, there are still people who does that! To quote a scene from Maid in Manhattan, “We provide service, but we are not their servants!”

So yeah, I need to experience this tour. I want to see how much progress we had. How much we have evolved. And maybe (just maybe) I will learn something from it.

(The Elms’ sunken garden)

The 5 major mansions (under the care of Preservation Society of Newport) are: Chateau-Sur-Mer, Rosecliff, The Elms, Marble House and The Breakers.

The Elms is the only mansion which do not have a Bayview. (in my opinion) To compensate, they made a sunken garden which is absolutely stunning.

One word. Instragrammable.

(Front of the House)

(my official photographer: The Hubsy)

(And you probably thought we are so sane! LOL)

Address: 367 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840
Opened: 1901
Area: 10 acres
Hours:Open today · 9AM–5PM

Cato dress  |  Sunnies Studio Sunglasses |  LV Speedy 35 bag | Steve Madden gladiators  | Jessica Simpson denim jacket (Thank you Sissy, Maria Teresa Salazar)

Very soon I am re-opening #shopleyasun on my blog. I will be selling my clothes (to give to new ones, wink wink!) and I have no time for garage sale so it will be sold via poshmark. Thank you to my friend and Assistant, Sherry for picking out new dresses for me (all the way from the PI) and for her support and hardwork.

Thank you to those who email me with suggestions and comments,

Keep smiling y’all. Life is good! Xx

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