The Elms (Part Deux)

The past few weeks was a blur. I was a exhausted, physically and mentally. I’m working on a project in the Philippines (if you subscribe to my hobby-blog, you probably heard about it already, if not, you should!) and cleaning my humble abode overwhelms me (but I manage to minimize things I hoard! pat on my shoulder!) and my asthma comes and goes like waves (courtesy of the weather change!) and two weeks ago, our apartment was a minute away from flashpoint according to the Fire Chief.

So yeah, let me tell you a story about that Sunday. I went to work 7-3:30pm and the Hubsy picked me up at work. I was craving for Chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken and Frosted Lemonade (so much for diet!) and of course, baby gets what baby wants! Then we drove home and I decided to change into my jammies and then take a nap around 5ish. I was awaken by the Hubsy shouting, “Let’s go, Come on!” over and over. I went up thinking he was on a fight with someone (he never fights with anyone btw!) and I went downstairs (we were renting the 2nd floor of an old house almost 100 year-old) I saw him carrying chairs outside of the house. When I peeked I saw my downstairs neighbor running back and forth the street with a phone propped, screaming, “my kitchen is on fire!”. It hit me, immediately my knees was shaking and I still went upstairs.

I stood there for a second, started picking up random things and then I told myself, “Get it together! Focus!” then split seconds, I started taking my phone, wedding and engagement rings (I never sleep with jewelry!), laptop (I cannot find my ipad!) and a jewelry box (which actually do not contain the important jewelry) and then I remembered, MY SHOES!

So yeah, I felt sick to my tummy. But I had to think smart. Because the room where my shoes are, it’s just right above his kitchen. And if the fire starts to spread or gas explodes, I’m gonna be trapped on that room, TOASTED. Yeah, I stood there frozen and the Hubsy grabbed me, brought me downstairs, shoved me in the car, parked the car on the other side of the street. Then my neighbor started screaming because his cats were locked in the house.

Of course he managed to get them out of there. Shoved the cats with me in the car. Yeah, thanks! I have asthma! But it was so cold and I just wrapped myself with the blanket looking at the window. And then the Firemen arrived, made sure the damaged part was only the kitchen. After an hour or so, we were let in the house (smells like barbecue!) and  I felt so relieved.

Here is a promise to myself, I will never hesitate wearing good shoes anymore. I will seize the day! Although since its winter, I cannot wear most of my shoes, come spring you will see me with better shoes. That’s a promise!

And Summer, I love Summer! That’s usually the time I love going to Newport and go visit random mansions. I have gazillion cute sandals for summer too!

For the mean time, here are some photos taken at The Elms (Newport, RI):

(photos taken when my cousin from Philippines visited and I brought them to my favorite mansions!)

What you saw (above) are photos of what was inside of the Elms. Here are some photos outside of the Elms. Without a doubt, my favorite Mansion in Newport:

My first job in USA was in Newport. I fell in love with the town. It’s rich of history and elegance. And now that I am working in Providence (cool and edgy!) from time to time I still couldn’t resist the charm of Newport.


This year, (when the weather is finally up my alley) I will bring you to the Gold Coast visiting (once again) the Vanderbilt Mansion and Planetarium (Centerport, NY) and Oheka Castle. We are scheduled to go to Canada (this April) and Vermont (4th of July). We need to squeeze a day stroll to Block Island and explore Cape Cod, New Hampshire and Maine once again.


I’m not called a Staycationer for nothing if I do not introduce you to more beautiful places in The Lil Rhody. Where everything is wickedly AWESOME!

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good! Go and get some! Xx

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