Adventures of Max and Alex

When I was 17, I met this girl. When people see us immediately I’m the BI (Bad Influence) because she has dopey eyes while I look like I’m always up to no-good. We were on the same click and gazillion common friends. And everyone will attest how FUN a day will be if we were both on it.

(taken during college days in Legazpi City with Malyn + Cris)

I wrote and re-written this blog post a million times yet it does not convey what I wanted to say about her. So I’ll just try:

We met in a time beneficial to both of us. For me it was my sanity. I never had an outlet of my teenage angst and I found out that drinking release inhibitions. So I drank. I drank lots of alcohol. From Johnny (Walker) to Jose (Cuervo) and even the liver-shattering GIN. I drank when I’m happy and I drank when I’m sad. I drank like a camel until the time I realized that “whoever thought alcohol can drown you sorrow, doesn’t know sorrow can swim.”

And there she was. Sharing a drink. A moment. And before we knew it, a friendship.

It was the time we hit rock-bottom, the time we cannot see where we’re going, hazy minds, chasing dreams, broken hearts and broken spirits yet it was the happiest moment of our teenage lives.

If I can go back to the past I will never change a thing. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and it was dim, but a beacon of hope always appear somehow when we are together.

They say water seek its own level. I guess we are kindred spirits with the same wavelength that we get each other.

(Thank you for supporting the Hubsy and his obsession with The Patriots!)

After years of being friends, here we are…

We still get each others jokes (more of mine, because you usually have a dry humor. LOL) and still fancy almost the same things. Our fashion sense has evolved, our intelligence stretched (more of you, my brain don’t function the same way anymore – cognitive overload!), disposition in life was changed, built different lives, lived in different countries, no longer share the same friends (except for a handful who still accept our craziness!) and yet (surprise, surprise) we still click.

Our conversations are no longer as carefree as before. Somehow (believe it or not) we make sense. We grew up. Finally after years of denial, we consider ourselves adults. Such a scary word. But I guess we were never afraid. We were always up to challenges. New beginnings.

We are fierce. We are fearless. We are friends.

As we grow old (er), I realized we no longer has the patience (for BS) that we once possess, people can naturally bore us to death and though our recent conversations are more serious and life-changing, we still manage to keep the humor we once had.

Here’s to more adventures as we grow older and (none the) wiser. May you continue to be a constant inspiration to many. Happy Birthday Sissy!

Keep smiling y’all! Xx

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