Vanderbilt Mansion (Centerport, NY)

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Here’s a funny thing about forgiveness, we never forget. There was a guest in the hotel who was talking to my colleague about life, (you call it eavesdropping, I call it overhearing) and he said that in order for you to forgive, you must “release”.

Release, as the operative word. He pointed out, if a person owe you money and because he cannot afford to pay you, you lost your house. Then when you saw him, he asked for forgiveness and you said, it’s okay. But every time the issue comes up you brought it all up. See, that is not forgiveness. (He said) If you forgive someone you must release everything that comes with the baggage.

I think it makes sense. I can decide to forgive and let it all go. Be friends again. Or. I can forgive and let it go. For good.

Forgiveness gives you freedom. You will no longer be tied to that rope called anger or resentment. Just let it go.

This, I must learn.


My Brother Nino and I went to see this place in Centerport, New York. Just because I am totally obsessed with Mansions and The Vanderbilts.

In 1910 William K. Vanderbilt II began to build a spectacular waterfront estate on 43 acres in Centerport, Long Island. Today, Eagle’s Nest is one of the few surviving Gold Coast estates, and his 24-room Spanish-Revival mansion. (source:

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I want to go back and take the House Tour next time. Maybe even wear a nice dress for the perfect photo-op.

Who’s with me?


D.Jeans denim  Sunnies by Charlie|  F-Troupe wedge  |  LV speedy 35 |  Cynthia Rowley cardis

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good! Xx

Address: 180 Little Neck Road, Centerport, New York 11721
Phone: (631) 854-5579


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