Garden + Empire State

“Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words.”  (George Eliot)

It was during our teenage years when we met. The stage of overwhelming hope, self-absorption, defiance and self-doubts. It was the time that we realized the possibility of friendship is not far-fetched and through hell and high waters we had an unspoken agreement that we will forever be friends.

Tess and I love to travel and we cant just pass on the opportunity to tag along  our Hubsters during our bonding moments, hopefully we will convince more friends to come with us next time. For now, here are some photos of our New Jersey (The Garden State) + New York (The Empire State) escapades (aka Advenures of Max and Alex):


(Day 1: Check-in at Hilton Garden Inn, New Jersey)

We drove almost 4 hours (feeling exhausted) yet we can’t complain because The Salazar’s drove almost 10 hours yet they still manage to flash that smile!

We had a bit of a situation when the hotel we reserved had no water (due to a bursting pipe), we were “walked” to Hilton Garden Inn (Secaucus/Meadowlands) which has awesome customer service starting from the Front Desk who was extremely helpful.

The Salvadora’s (my cousin, Ivynn + Rodel + Babies) stayed for the night, we went swimming and enjoyed a night-cap.

(Day 2: Hoboken, New Jersey)


(This is what we do to them when we start shopping randomly.)

(left-right: Richard, Tess, The Hubsy & my bro, Nino)


(with Tess & my cousin, Ivynn)

(with my niece, Boknay)


(Day 3: NYC)



(The Famous, Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity)


(Gourmet Cheese Burger)


(Gourmet Chilli Dog is fave!)


(The Hubsy kinda like the food!)





When in NYC, we just can’t resist the urge to check this venue of the Famous SERENDIPITY movie which stars Kate Beckinsale + John Cusack.

(Check their website here —> Serendipity 3)


Next stop: Central Park (exhausted with WALKING)






Okay, I cant pass up this opportunity of telling the story of how Max and Alex came into fruition:

When we were teenagers, we use to go to Clubs + Bars (yes, they rarely check ID’s during that time) and always gets hit-on by DOM’s. Because we do not want our personal lives to clash with our boozing (ha ha ha) we decided to create an alias. During that time we hang out with Maricel and Cris (our most beloved Lesbian friend) and here’s how the conversation went:

Me: My name would be Maxinne Jade Meyer (aka Max) and my Mother re-married an American who adopted me. (Love that story!)

Tess: My name is Alex short for Alexandria (hopefully that time she was thinking of a city in Egypt…)

Maricel: My name is George (short for Georgia because she did not like Georgette)

Cris: My name is Cris.

Me: No, you need to change name. No one should have the same name hence the alias.

Cris: My name is Cris, short for Christopher!

(NB: This has been an inside joke for so long which I feel needs to be outed for hilarious reasons.)


(with her, it’s always a photo-op!)








(matchy-matchy at the plaid convention…)

After Central Park, we went to Times Square and decided to watch Les Miserables in Broadway. That was the “awesomest” thing ever because it has been one on my bucket list (not that I have one) to watch a musical in Broadway and Les Miserables is probably my favorite ever. I want to watch Miss Saigon next year, who’s with me? Too bad we dont have good photos of that experience…

Tip: Wear comfy shoes in NYC as you will be facing a lot of leg work.


NYC cap  Charles & Keith Sunnies Deux Lux hobo bag | Coach sneakers | Girl Krazy plaid shirt | AEO ripped jeans (Thanks to Maria Teresa Salazar)

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